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Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast Augmentation Surgery

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Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast Augmentation or Breast Implant or Breast Enhancement is a cosmetic procedure which also known as Augmentation Mammoplasty. By the terminologies used, it is clear that this surgery is performed to increase the size of breast. It includes placing breast implants under breast tissue or chest muscles.

Most of women consider breast implant surgery as they desires attractive shape, size and firmness of breaststo feel much confident about herself.

Sometimes, women feel lack of confidence and discomfort because of not having desired shape and size of breast, they aren’t able to share this problem with anyone.Breast implant or augmentation can be the permanent solution for these women to build her comfort and confidence.

Types of Breast Enhancement

Breast Augmentation or Enhancement or Enlargement can be done by two different techniques.

  • Fat Transfer: This is the procedure where fat is extracted from different parts of your body like abdomen, thighs and hips with the help of liposuction, later the extracted fat is injected into breasts. This procedures is advisable for ladies who do not want implant or foreign object in their body. Though that women should have enough fat in her own body which can be used for enlargement. In this procedure there are possibilities where some amount fat of injected fat can be re-absorbed by her own body.
  • Breast Implant: There are implants which differin shape; size and texture are used in breast augmentation according to women’s desire or requirement. In breast implants, saline and silicone are the two main elements that are used. Silicone implants are most recommended and popular implant and which are FDA approved implants for cosmetic surgery. These implants are popular because of their texture and natural feel.


During breast augmentation procedure, expert surgeon will make incision to place implant. The incisions can be made in the crease under breast (infra-mammary) either under arm (axillary) or around nipple (peri-areolar).

Later, the breast tissue will be separated from muscles and connective tissue of chest by surgeon. This step will create a pocket either behind or in front of the outermost muscle of the chest wall (pectoral muscle). The surgeon will insert the implant into this pocket and centre it behind your nipple.

For Saline implants the surgery inserts the empty implant in place and then fill it with sterile salt water to get the desired shape and size. However silicone implants are pre-filled with the silicone gel.

Once the implant is in place, the closure of the incision is done by the surgery typically with sutures and skin adhesive and surgical tape is applied.

Are you a Candidate?

You can consider Breast Augmentation Surgery for yourself if :

  • If you find your breast are not equal or uneven.
  • If you want to improve your self-confidence.
  • If you are physically and mentally healthy and your age is above 18 years, if you are not taking any medicines and if you are not pregnant.
  • If you have shaggy breast after extreme weight loss or pregnancy and you want to make it perfect with the help of implants.
  • If you think your breasts are too small and you desire for perfect shape and size of your breast.

Expected Results

The breast augmentation surgery will improve and boost your self-confidence, it will give satisfying outcome after surgery. Suggested sport bra will help in reshaping breasts and the scars heal eventually.

Recovery Timeline

You can resume the work in a week and will be able to perform all normal activities though you would need to avoid energetic activities and exercise for 6-8 weeks. You may feel slight discomfort and pain for few days after procedure which can be controlled with the help of medicines.

Cost for Breast Augmentation Surgery

The cost of Breast Augmentation Surgery in India may start from around USD 2500 – USD 3000 depending on the choices made by patient. The cost of Breast Augmentation Surgery in India varies according to the surgeon, facility and city where you choose to get the surgery done.

SNo Name of Procedure Cost in India (USD)
1 Comprehensive Evaluation and Investigation 500 - 800
2 Breast Augmentation surgery 2500 - 3000

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