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Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Gastric Sleeve Surgery

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Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Gastric Sleeve Surgery is the most popular procedure in Bariatric Surgeries because of its benefits comparing to other bariatric procedures.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery is also called as Sleeve Gastrectomy or Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy. This surgery is laparoscopic surgery, where surgery will be performed with the help of small instruments through small incisions in abdomen. This procedure involves removal of 80% of the stomach, which creates a tube-shaped stomach about the size and shape of a banana.

According to size of stomach, consumption of food reduces. This is known as a restrictive operation, which means it restricts the amount of food / drink that your smaller stomach will be able to hold after surgery. In addition, the procedure stimulates hormonal changes that helps in weight loss. These same hormonal changes also benefit in getting rid of conditions related to overweight, such as high blood pressure or heart disease.

Are you a Candidate?

This surgery can really help people who are very overweight and have serious health problems because of their weight. Eligibility for this surgery can be finalized after knowing your medical history and BMI.

You can be considered for Gastric Sleeve Surgery if :

  • You are more than 100 pounds above your ideal body weight according to your age and height.
  • You are healthy enough to bare the surgery.
  • You have weight related co-morbidities such as sleep apnea , diabetes, hypertension or heart problems.


A sleeve gastrectomy reduces the size of stomach permanently to help weight loss and maintain weight loss. In Gastric Sleeve Surgery, part of stomach is selected by performing surgeon to remove the particular part of stomach, then stomach is surgically stapled and sealed using a calibration guide tube to measure the size of the stomach tube left behind, removing around four-fifths of the stomach permanently.

The sleeve gastrectomy is performed with “laparoscopic” (keyhole) surgery where 4-5 small incisions (1cm or less) are made to place hollow tube “ports” into the cavity of the abdomen through which long thin instruments and a camera are passed to allow the surgeon access to organs. The abdomen is temporarily inflated with a gas (carbon dioxide) to create the space in which the surgeon works. It is necessary for patient to have a general anaesthesia (be asleep) whilst patient’s abdomen is distended by this gas and at the end of the operation the gas is released, the wounds are sutured and patient are woken up. The stomach is removed through one of the keyhole wounds.

Expected Results

On average, gastric sleeve patients will lose about 60-80% of their excess weight over a period of 6 to 12 months. Excess weight is defined as the extra weight over and above your ideal body weight depending of your age and height.

For example if you are 100 pounds overweight, then you can expect to lose 60-80 pounds of your excess weight in a span on 6-12 months after gastric sleeve surgery.

Recovery Timeline

Patient’s recover from Gastric Sleeve Surgery in just a week’s time, but patient would need to be on strict diet and it will take several weeks for him/her to eat regular food. As this is permanent and irreversible weight loss procedure, it reduces the amount of your intake, patient would get used to smaller meals in particular time and he will feel full faster.

After surgery patient will be provided with the proper diet chart, which you would need to follow for couple of weeks.

Cost for Surgery

The approximate cost of Gastric Sleeve Surgery would range between USD 5000 to USD 6000 depending on expertise of the surgeon and the facility patient choose to get the procedure done.

SNo Procedure Cost in India (USD)
1 Comprehensive evaluation and investigation 500 - 800
2 Gastric Sleeve surgery 5000 - 6000

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