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Hepatitis C Treatment

Hepatitis C Treatment

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Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C, as its name suggest is the silent disease characterized by infection that affects the liver. This infection is triggered by a virus known as Hepatitis C Virus resulting in both acute and chronic infection. For prevention of Hepatitis C infection, no vaccines have been discovered. Although, the treatment options were there until this time which revolved around drug therapy with Ribavirin and Interferons, but these are habitually associated with life-threatening and lethal adverse effects.

Thanks to the recent advancements in the medical science and research for unearthing the new and promising treatment to eradicate the virus causing Hepatitis C infection that vows to increase the success rate of the treatment vividly. This newfangled treatment for Hepatitis C is exceedingly costly in developed countries whereas India has emerged as one of the most affordable places for this treatment across the globe. This has given confidence to the patients abroad to take their step ahead for a Hepatitis free life with high quality treatment for HCV abroad without burning a hole in their pocket.

Progression of Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C is rightly considered as a silent epidemic since it often goes unnoticed owing to its asymptomatic characteristic until it develops a severe liver damage over a span of almost a decade. Worldwide, a huge number of populations are infected with chronic HCV infection. Most of the people often goes undiagnosed and continue to live with Hep C infection for years without any symptoms.

According to statistical analysis carried out by World Health Organization, there are about 2-4 million newly diagnosed cased of HCV infection every year and around 150 million people are infected with chronic hepatitis C across the globe. This accounts for death of every 1 in 5 HCV infected individual owing to the liver failure.

For comprehensive understanding, depicted below is the representation of the progression of Hepatitis C infection -

Causes of Hepatitis C Infection

The exact cause of getting Hepatitis C Infection is unknown. However, there are certain risk factors which puts you at higher risk of developing the infection. Thus, you can be at greater risk of getting HCV infected if:

  • You have had any surgical intervention in a medical facility with poor infection control
  • You have received infected blood products through blood transfusions
  • You have shared needles while injecting or consuming drugs
  • You had done any tattoos or piercings
  • You had used intranasal drugs
  • You are HIV infected

Revolutionary Treatment for Hepatitis C

Recent medical research has discovered the revolutionary drugs known as Sovaldi (Sofasbuvir) that impedes the multiplication of HCV virus by the virtue of directly targeting it. As a part of combination therapy, break through treatment for Hepatitis C is now available in India with Sovaldi which offers better cure rates, condensed treatment duration with very few side effects.

The treatment cost of Hepatitis C in India with Sovaldi is the major advantage for the patients looking for cost effective HCV treatment abroad as in India, HCV treatment costs less than one-fourth of what you can expect to pay in USA, UK and other western countries. This proposes a new hope to the patients to get cured of HCV infection of genotypes 1,2,3 and 4.

From Screening to Cure- A Step by Step Guide

The major jeopardy with Hepatitis C infection is unawareness about the condition. Since it often goes unnoticed, the early diagnosis and screening of HCV infection is extremely important in order to prevent the high risk of getting infected with Hepatitis C. Thus, the expert doctor always recommends to GET SCREENED if you are in higher risk category.

We at Medico Experts, strives to provide to complete assistance throughout your Hepatitis C treatment in India. For more understanding, given below is a step by step guide which will keep you informed and organized once you decide to begin with Hepatitis C treatment in India.

Cost for Hepatitis C Treatment

We are committed to offer you the best possible and special negotiated prices for Hepatitis C Treatment in India without compromising on the quality of medical services and results.

In order to educate yourself more about Hepatitis C Treatment and to make a more informed decision, here's a look at the most affordable packages for Hepatitis C Treatment with Sovaldi in India:

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We at MedicoExperts believe in assisting you to get well-being with complete information about HCV Treatment in India. Being thorough with all the benefits from the appropriate treatment option for Hepatitis C infection, will help you make an informed choice.

We also provide you a platform for online video consultation so as to connect you with our chosen top Hepatologist in India at the best hospital in India for all your concerns and queries. We assure you hassle free arrangements for your medical travel, evaluations, treatment, recover and stay in India. With the expertise of MedicoExperts, you can be rest assured about your complete safety, comfort and wonderful experience of medical tourism in India.

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