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Intra Gastric Ballooning Surgery

Intra Gastric Ballooning Surgery

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Intra Gastric Ballooning Surgery

Intra Gastric Balloon is good option for weight loss if anyone is not willing to go under the knife to avoid surgical marks on body. This surgery is popular because of its properties like its simplicity and non-invasive procedure for weight loss.

Intra Gastric Balloon Procedure involves insertion of a soft and expandable silicone balloon into the stomach where it is inflated to reduce the overall capacity of the stomach. The balloon is inflated by filling it with sterile saline with a small catheter once it is inserted in stomach. This results is lesser intake of food and early feeling of fullness, leading to significant weight loss.

Are you a Candidate?

The person can be a good candidate for Gastric Ballooning procedure:-

  • If he/she wants to avoid surgical procedure for weight loss
  • If he/she is ready to allow temporary implant in stomach
  • If he/she has a BMI (Body Mass Index) of more than 30
  • If he/she is 40% above his/her ideal weight
  • If he/she is looking for temporary solution to change his/her lifestyle and eating habits
  • If he/she does not have heartburn and type II diabetes


Intra Gastric Balloon is a painless procedure in which Gastric balloon (Little silicon pouch) is placed in stomach of patient endoscopically through his mouth. Later the gastric balloon is expanded with the help of saline. Patient would not feel hungry because of filled balloon, which would reduce the intake of food resulting in weight loss.

This procedure would take around 20-30 minutes. Later patient will be monitored by the surgeon for a short time and then patient will be discharged.

Expected Results

The expected results would depend on having limited portion of meal with proper diet. According to studies and experience of previous patients, it is stated that the weight loss with Gastric Balloon Surgery is expected around 15- 20 kg. With proper diet and exercise patient can be able to lose 50% of their excess weight.

Recovery Timeline

Patient will be discharged on the same day or will be advised for overnight stay for observation to check how patient’s body is reacting after procedure. The recovery after Intra gastric ballooning procedure is quick. Once procedure is done, most of the patients handle the balloon well, but in few cases they feel uneasiness, discomfort and nausea for some days and this can be controlled with the help of medicines prescribed by the doctor. Patient can expect to start his daily activities within a week after the procedure.

Cost for Intra Gastric Ballooning Surgery

The cost of Intra Gastric Balloon Surgery in India may start from around USD 3500 – USD 4500 depending on the choices made by patient. The cost of gastric balloon surgery in India varies according to the surgeon, facility and city where you choose to get the surgery done.

SNo Name of Procedure Cost in India (USD)
1 Comprehensive Evaluation and Investigation 500 - 800
2 Intra Gastric Balloon Surgery 3500 - 4500

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