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Liposuction often termed as ‘lipoplasty’, ‘lipectomy’, ‘liposculpture suction’, or simply called as ‘lipo’ is a fat removal cosmetic surgical procedure that reshapes and sculpts your body by using a suction technique to remove the undesired pockets of fat from the troublesome areas. It is ideal for those who wish to change and enhance the contour of their body.

Liposuction, however is often misinterpreted as an easier option for weight loss by many, but it should not be considered as a surgery for weight loss as it is not a treatment for obesity. The key objective for undergoing Liposuction is to remove stubborn fat deposits and to remove inches from the specific body parts. Along-with being a very easy and harmless procedure, it is very rewarding and effective aesthetic procedure for both males and females.

The body areas that are commonly targeted for Liposuction procedure are;

  • Abdomen
  • Flanks (love handles)
  • Waist
  • Back
  • Buttocks
  • Hips
  • Thighs/Inner thighs
  • Calves
  • Arms
  • Neck
  • Chin

A liposuction procedure gives your body a more slender, sculpted and well-proportioned look and is one of the most commonly opted body contouring cosmetic procedure by men and women of all ages. It works best for people with good skin tone and elasticity, where the skin molds itself into new contours. People whose skin lacks elasticity may end up with loose-looking skin in areas where the procedure was done and they may also require an additional cosmetic procedure to tighten the sagging skin.
It is thus advisable to discuss the pros and cons of liposuction with the expert doctor before deciding and it should always be carried out after careful consideration.

Indications for Liposuction

Liposuction procedure, as mentioned earlier is chiefly an aesthetic procedure and often done for the body contouring purposes, but sometimes it is also indicated in treating few conditions, which includes;

  • Lymphedema:
    It is a chronic condition in which the excess fluid called as lymph gets collected in the tissues resulting in edema or swelling which commonly affects the arms or legs. In such cases, liposuction is done to reduce swelling, discomfort and pain.
  • Lipodystrophy syndrome:
    This is an unusual condition in which there is either abnormal accumulation or loss of fat giving an asymmetrical appearance to the body. In these cases, Liposuction can improve the appearance of the patient’s body by providing a more natural looking body and fat distribution.
  • Gynecomastia:
    In this condition, fat tends to accumulate under man’s breasts. Liposuction is the procedure of choice for these cases to remove the extra fat and making the man’s chest flat.

Types of Liposuction

Liposuction surgery can be done under local or general anesthesia depending upon the targeted area where the surgery has to be performed, preference of the patient and also the surgeon’s convenience. It is done through various techniques. The appropriate type of liposuction procedure for an individual is determined by a combination of factors comprising of targeted area/areas and the amount of fat to be removed. Following enlisted are the major types of liposuction procedure;

  • Tumescent Liposuction: This is the most popular form of liposuction done under local anesthesia. In this procedure, several litres of a saline solution with a vessel constrictor i.e epinephrine are pumped below the skin area that is to be suctioned. The fat is then suctioned out through small suction tubes.
  • Ultrasound-Assisted Liposuction (UAL): This is also known as ultrasonic liposuction. In this the cannula is energized with ultrasound which makes the fat melt away after coming in contact. The ultrasound vibrations burst the walls of the fat cells. This emulsifies, or liquifies, the fat, making it easier to suction out. This method is suitable for fibrous areas, such as the male breast, back, and in areas where liposuction has been done before. This procedure is often coupled with suction-assisted liposuction (tumescent liposuction) to remove the liquefied fat.
  • Water jet Assisted Liposuction (WAL): This is also known as Wet Liposuction in which the powerful water spray is used to break up the fat and displace it for suction. The solution used is similar to the one used in tumescent procedure but in limited amount. In addition, there is an alternate procedure called as Super-wet Liposuction which is very similar to this type except for the fact that in this the amount of solution pumped is equal to the amount of fat to be removed.
  • Power Assisted Liposuction (PAS): Also called as powered liposuction, is characterized by usage of specialized cannula with a mechanized system that rapidly moves back-and-forth, allowing the surgeon to pull out fat more easily.
  • Laser Assisted Lipolysis (LAL): It is also known as laser-guided lipo. It is a minimally invasive procedure and requires the use of tumescent fluid. In this a small tube is inserted through a small incision to deliver laser energy and heat into the fat that is under the skin.

Are you a Candidate?

You can be a good candidate for the Liposuction surgery if;

  • You are above 18 years of age
  • You are physically and mentally healthy
  • You are concerned about localized deposition of fats in areas like abdomen, thighs, buttocks, hips, chin, arms or neck
  • You have realistic expectations from the surgery
  • You are not grossly overweight
  • You do not have blood flow or circulation problems
  • You do not have weakened immune systems


Before the surgery, the patient is required to undergo battery of tests and investigations to ensure that they are fit for the surgery. To plan for the surgery, following recommendation may be made;

  • People who use regular aspirin and anti-inflammatory drugs shall be asked to stop taking them at least 2 weeks before surgery.
  • Women may be asked to stop taking the contraceptive pill.
  • Patients with anemia may be asked to take iron supplements.

Once confirmed that you are fit for the surgery, you will be prepared for that and shall be given general or local anesthesia. The punctures are done of the skin surface of the area to be covered followed by introduction of the suction tube into the fat pocket to remove the fat by vacuum suction action. The body is connected to tubes which are used to drain the fat from the body. After complete drainage of the fat, surgeon may leave the incisions open so that the excess fluid and blood can be drained from the body. You are supposed to wear a compression garment after the procedure for skin shrinkage. You will be then shifted to the recovery room for observation and recovery. This procedure may take 1-4 hours to complete.

Expected Result

You can expect very good results after your liposuction surgery provided you have chosen a very eminent and experienced surgeon. This surgery shall give your body a sculpted and well-proportioned look which will boost your confidence after the procedure.

Recovery Timeline

After the liposuction procedure, those who have been given general anesthesia usually requires 2 days of hospitalization. Those who have been given local anesthesia may be able to leave hospital in 1-2 days depending on the recovery. Immediately after the procedure, you will be given compression garment which is requisite for you to wear for a period of at-least 3-6 months post-surgery. You will be given antibiotics and painkillers to help you relieve pain and inflammation. Bruising may occur in the targeted area for few weeks and you may likely experience fluid drainage from the incisions.

It will take around 3-4 days for you to resume your work and activities of daily living post-surgery whereas, light exercises can be resumed after a week’s time.

Cost for Liposuction Surgery

India is one of the most affordable places for top notched cosmetic surgeries across the globe. The cost of Liposuction procedure in India is a fraction of what it costs in United Kingdom, USA, Australia, Canada or other Western countries. Affordable Liposuction prices in India certainly makes it one of the most popular destinations in the world and thus a greater number of people are opting India as their preferred tourism destination for cosmetic surgery.

The cost of Liposuction procedure in India may vary based on the type of procedures to be performed as well as the expert surgeon, hospital facility and the city in India where you choose to get the procedure done.

Here's a look at the approximate costs of Liposuction procedure in India:

SNo Name of Procedure Cost in India (USD)
1 Cost of Initial Evaluation and Investigations 300 - 500
2 Liposuction Procedure 900 - 2100

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